About Thomas Service Company

Bo Thomas has spent his life in the heating and air conditioning business. He got into the HVAC industry by going to work for his grandfather’s company at a very young age. There he learned the value of hard work, quality service, and taking responsibility for his actions by standing behind all the work he does. He took that knowledge with him as he moved up through different positions within the HVAC industry. Bo began as a helper and continued on to become an installer of new equipment, a service technician, and a salesman at a major HVAC supply house, he even assisted other technicians with difficult diagnoses by providing them with technical support and advice.

All of this experience translates to years of professional knowledge and a well-rounded view of nearly every aspect of the HVAC industry. With that and many years' worth of insight from hands-on experience at his disposal, he is well-equipped to make sure that you get the best equipment, services, and value for your money!

Over time, he came to realize that there was no more room for improving his career under the employment of others. And that is how Thomas Service Company came into being. Bo Thomas founded Thomas Service Company in the summer of 2005. In the beginning, the company was just a one-man operation. But as the business grew, he quickly realized that he would not be able to continue to maintain the same quality of service for his growing customer base on his own. So he decided to build an entire support team in order to provide stronger service.

In 2013, Bo was honored to be given the reins to the business he grew up in, Bama Heating and Refrigeration, as Thomas Service Company officially acquired the long-standing family-owned business.

As we continue to grow and improve our services, the original goal of the company remains intact: to provide quality service that we can be proud to stand behind.

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