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Huntsville Air Duct Cleaning & Repair

For incomparable Huntsville air duct cleaning and repair services, contact the experts at Thomas Service Company

For expert air duct cleaning and repair in or around Huntsville, AL, call the trusted experts at Thomas Service Company. When you dial 256-858-4822, you’ll receive unbeatable quality and service. All of our service technicians are trained, bonded and insured. They are supported by over 70 years of experience and armed with the necessary tools and technology to identify and repair any potential problem.


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Duct Cleaning

We generate a great deal of dust just through our regular daily activities. While the filters in your heating and A/C systems are meant to minimize dust from entering into your ductwork, some of it will get through. Other pollutants can also enter the ductwork.

Help prevent the spread of this dust and mildew throughout your home by having your ducts cleaned professionally by Thomas Service Company regularly.

We can also repair or replace your existing air duct system.