Gas Line Installation and Repair Services

In and around Huntsville, AL

Our professional and licensed plumbing technicians are to help you with all of your gas line installation and repair services. Whether you're looking for a simple repair, extending existing gas lines, or even installing new gas lines, we've got you covered.

You can trust us for all of your gas line services in Huntsville, Alabama.


If you have a gas leak in your home, please follow these safety instructions:

  • Evacuate immediately
  • Do not use any electrical devices
  • Leave the door open
  • Call 911
  • Call in the experts
gas line repair Huntsville Alabama

Extending Your Gas Line

Have you had your eye on a new gas range, dryer or a barbecue? The convenience and energy efficiency of a new gas appliance is unbeatable.

We are just the right experts to fit your home with the necessary pipes to extend your natural gas line to where ever you would like to add a new appliance. Our licensed and expert technicians are ideally suited to complete the task quickly for you.