What is Gas Piping: A Simple Guide for Residential Homeowners

Gas piping is an important part of residential home maintenance, but many homeowners are not familiar with the basics. From the safety concerns to installation and repair tips, understanding gas piping can help ensure a safe and efficient home. This guide breaks down all aspects of gas piping for residential homeowners, including what it is,…

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How Long Do HVAC Systems Last in 2023?

A good HVAC system can make all the difference when it comes to your home’s comfort and energy efficiency. Research is showing that replacing an old HVAC with a new efficient one can help some homeowners save up to as much as 40% on their energy bills. But how long do these HVAC systems last…

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How Much Does Furnace Maintenance Cost in Alabama: 2023

We’re now in the middle of winter and many homeowners in Alabama are thinking about the state of their furnaces. The last thing you would want to happen is for your furnace to stop working all of a sudden on a freezing cold day! The best way to avoid this is by simply getting annual…

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7 Common Air Duct Problems

air duct vent having a problem

Air conditioners and furnaces circulate air throughout our homes by way of a network of supply and return ducts. Which is great, but over time, these ducts can develop problems that affect the quality of the indoor air we breathe as well as the efficiency of our HVAC systems. With an estimated 90% of time…

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Is Air Duct Cleaning What I need?

dirty air ducts

According to Energy Star, the average home is losing around 20 to 30% of the air that moves through their system in the ductwork. Which is quite a lot and makes your HVAC system very inefficient. This loss in the air is usually from things such as leaks, holes, or dirty ductwork. Which is what…

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How to Choose an Air Conditioning Unit

woman learning How to Choose an Air Conditioning Unit

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, people here in the U.S. spend around $29 billion annually running their HVAC systems. Which is quite a lot, but necessary, especially for those of us that live in hot climates such as Alabama, Arizona, and Florida. When it comes to knowing how to choose an air conditioning…

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Guarding Your HVAC System Against Critters During Winter

While it is still a concern throughout the year, there is an increased likelihood during the colder seasons of small animals making their way into and under your home. These “friendly” little creatures attempt to get out of the cold by making their way into the crawlspace underneath your home. According to the National Pest…

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Benefits of Using a NATE Certified Technician

hvac technician check ac unit

Do you need a trustworthy heating and cooling service company for your home? Then you should be looking for a technician who has been certified by NATE (North American Technician Excellence). They are knowledgeable and capable of providing the best quality HVAC services. Using a NATE Certified HVAC Technician. is your sure way of getting…

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